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Annonymous feedback from participants 

"These sessions taught me new tools to be present and manage stress. I have been using them already. They are easy to do and

highly effective." 

"I like the specific exercises and the scientific explanations the most."

"I actually would like the series to have been longer,

I enjoyed it so much." 

"Safe environment, clear messages, great tools to help us in

life and our career.”

"Angela, you are an excellent presenter, and very knowledgeable on the topics! Thank you. I loved all of the useful tools you gave us to use at home, during our commute, etc." 


"I learned so much about mindfulness and meditation. Practices that I can use every day in my professional and personal life.”


"The sessions were too short! Wanted more."

"At first I was saying to myself, how am I going to be able to get away from my desk for 4 sessions which is why some of my co-workers did not sign up originally, but each week I started looking forward to the next session, and was sad yesterday when we were going into our final session." 

"I don't have any criticism for the class. It was great! I wish everybody had to take it."

"The speaker did a great job explaining the science behind mindful meditation.”


"Happy that you asked for the 4-week commitment up front - and shared your expectations for attendance / timeliness.”


"The techniques we've been taught have helped me clear my crowded mind and feel more calm.”


"I really loved every part of this class.”


"Very great class for all stages.”


"Love your stories - which make it personal and relatable. The length of the class is perfect along with the series.” 


"Angela did a great job presenting the series. She covered material to introduce meditation concepts and provided lots of factual support for the practice and why it works. This class was interesting, informative, and lead in a very soothing atmosphere.”


"It taught me how to become more focused. I love it.”


"The information is applicable to each person's individual needs. The presenter was obviously quite experienced and skilled and her enthusiasm for the content was fantastic.”


"How easy and practical Angela's suggestions are to integrate into my day.”


"As humans, we live in the past a lot and also focus on the future. This session helped me to concentrate on the present by focusing on my breath, which is always in the present."

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