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Mindfulness @ School 

These days young people are more stressed than ever! 

The mounting pressures of school, family, sports/activities, combined with their social lives, addiction to social media, and realities of bullying are leaving these young people stressed, anxious, lonely, depressed, and exhausted! 


A Potential Solution

 To help boost the emotional wellbeing and performance of students, many schools across the country are offing mindfulness programs. Through self-awareness, active experiential learning, personal reflection, and group sharing, students learn how to strengthen their inner wisdom and personal resources to more skillfully deal with the stresses of life. 

re:balance partners with schools to offer mindfulness training through our"Mindfulness Ambassador Program." This is an evidence-based program that provides a series of 8 - 12 theme based lessons that address the soft skills students need to:


  • regulate emotions

  • think critically

  • act compassionately

  • walk away as ambassadors for social change

For more details read on and contact us.


Dr. Angela Johnson

  re:balance founder 

 312 - 489 - 7232

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