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Media Coverage


Parkinson's Foundation

I was recently invited by the Parkinson's Foundation to be a guest on their

podcast, and provide a guided meditation for their 2020 Care Partner Summit.  

Here's a link to the podcast

Here's a link to the video 

Rush University Medical Center

I've had some great opportunities to work with the Production Team @ Rush to help

educate people about the integrative medicine program.


YouTube video about our program in the Cancer Center

"Smart Minute" Benefits of Acupuncture

Podcast interview with Rush Oncologist Dr. Shikha Jain

"Modern Healthcare Top 25 Emerging Leaders"

Rush News "No Ordinary Growing Pains"

Magazine / Newspaper Articles 


Chicago Health Magazine "Integrative Cancer Treatment"

Chicago Health Magazine "To The Point"

Chicago Health Magazine "Your Integrative Medical Home"

New York Times "Studying Acupuncture: One Needle Prick at a Time"

HCP Live "Acupuncture Provides Relief With Children With Chronic Pain"

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